WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Product Discount Table Extension

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing allows for the configuration some pretty awesome discounts on products based on various conditions such as roles, categories, bulk per product quantity etc. One of the frequently highlighted shortcomings however (Chris Lema’s thoughts on the lack of discount display on products) was that discount rates were not displayed on a product listing….

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Storefront Blank Child Theme For WooCommerce

The best practice way to customize StoreFront for WooCommerce theme is to create a child theme for your project that allows you to store any code customizations. To make it easy for you to begin customizing StoreFront I have created a simple blank child theme that’s ready for you to install and quickly add your…

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StoreFront The Official WooCommerce Theme by WooThemes

StoreFront is the official WordPress theme created by WooThemes for their ever popular WooCommerce plugin. StoreFront is targeted as a lean and efficient base theme for your WooCommerce installation allowing you to add more theme functionality via extension plugins and code customizations. StoreFront is a theme that’s built both for developers and end-users alike and…

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The more I listen to arguments for and against Scotland becoming a independent country from both sides the more disillusioned I become with humanity and government in general. When people or friends ask me about my opinion on Scottish independence I usually tell them that I don’t care either way. What I have noticed when…

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Building A Hackintosh That Just Works Out Of The Box

It’s never good when you have to replace a computer and recently my old PC started having some weird issues like random rebooting, switching monitors off and not transferring data between hard drives without the transfer failing amongst other things. I decided that it was time to build a new system as one of the…

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February‎ is upon us already and if anyone can let me now where January 2014 went it would be appreciated as time seems to be flying past nowadays. Continuing my one track per month goal for February‎ 2014 here is my Progressive House remix of Florence and the Machine – Spectrum ( Say My Name…

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