StoreFront The Official WooCommerce Theme by WooThemes

StoreFront The Official WooCommerce Theme by WooThemes

StoreFront is the official WordPress theme created by WooThemes for their ever popular WooCommerce plugin. StoreFront is targeted as a lean and efficient base theme for your WooCommerce installation allowing you to add more theme functionality via extension plugins and code customizations.

StoreFront is a theme that’s built both for developers and end-users alike and is targeted specifically at WooCommerce store owners or developers who build sites for clients that require a stable and robust solution for online stores.

StoreFront Default Homepage Template

WooThemes StoreFront WooCommerce Theme Homepage

Note: On our test site we installed the WooCommerce Dummy Data which is the products you see in the screenshot above.

On the default StoreFront theme after a fresh install the homepage sections will display in this order below by default. These can easily be reordered or turned off via the theme hooks if your a developer.

  • Homepage Content Area
  • Product Categories
  • Recent Products
  • Featured Products
  • Top Rated Products
  • On Sale Products

If your not a developer that is building on top of StoreFront then you can install the WooThemes Homepage Control plugin which adds a section to the WordPress customizer where you can easily drag and drop the items into a new order or turn them off completely.

WooThemes StoreFront Homepage Control

Whats pretty cool about this is that you can see the changes you make in real-time within the customizer when changing the order or visibility of the homepage items.

Also if you add any custom items to the themes homepage hook via an add_action() these will automatically show up in the Homepage Control section and function just like the existing elements do. This easily allows for customization of the homepage layout and for child themes or plugins to add new functionality and sections or to remove existing ones.

StoreFront Settings

All of the default settings within the StoreFront theme are located in the WordPress customizer panel and there are some basic ones to get you started. Some of the basic controls allow yo u to change the colour of elements like the header, footer, buttons, typography, add background images and select a layout.

WooThemes StoreFront Customizer

The StoreFront theme really comes to life when you start adding the themes available extensions which add more functionality and control over the themes design.

Some Other StoreFront Features

  • Schema Markup
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Flexible CSS Grid
  • Fully Responsive
  • Based on Underscores by Automattic
  • Fully Localized and Translatable
  • Accessibility Ready
  • Custom homepage page template

Boutique StoreFront Child Theme

Child themes can also give you a quick and easy design change for StoreFront with one of the first being made available titled Boutique.

WooThemes Storefront Boutique Child Theme

StoreFront Customization

The actual StoreFront theme itself is very light and clean, using the extensions though users with little web development knowledge can build a robust WooCommerce based e-commerce site tweaking the design to their liking from the WordPress customizer panel.

Dig a little deeper though and you will find that StoreFront is pretty powerful with many hooks and filters that can be used to change the themes functionality or design along with well-commented code to help you understand what they do. This allows you to easily use StoreFront as the base for custom WooCommerce projects that you can quickly create via your own child themes or use my free Blank Starter StoreFront Child Theme.

As StoreFront is an open source project you can get involved over at the themes GitHub page and contribute to the project.

Disclaimer: I work at WooCommerce and this article reflects only my own opinions on StoreFront and not those of WooCommerce or that of other WooCommerce staff. 😉

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