WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Product Discount Table Extension

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Product Discount Table Extension

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing allows for the configuration some pretty awesome discounts on products based on various conditions such as roles, categories, bulk per product quantity etc.

One of the frequently highlighted shortcomings however (Chris Lema’s thoughts on the lack of discount display on products) was that discount rates were not displayed on a product listing. It’s only after a product was added to cart that the discounted amount became visible and apparent to the customer.

To try work towards a solution for this issue I created a feature / development extension for WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing which displays a table of configured discounts on WooCommerce product pages which the customer can see before adding the product to cart.

Currently the table will only show on single product pages that have a Bulk or Special Offer discount applied, it won’t display category or role discounts.

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Product Discount Table Extension

Note: The extension does not provide styling for the discount table and any table styling must be provided by your theme itself or by CSS you write. The screenshot below is taken from the free WooCommerce Storefront Theme which does have table styling on product pages included within the theme.


What type of discounts does the extension display.

The extension will display Advanced Product Discounts on WooCommerce products that have either a bulk or special offer discount applied to them.

Are there any limitations to how many product tables will display on an single product.

Only a single pricing group table will display on any individual product, if you have more than a single advanced pricing group active on any individual product the discount table will then be disabled.

Where should I contact if I have an issue with this extension.

All support requests for this extension should be posted to the WooCommerce dynamic pricing table issue tracker on Github.

Download WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Table Extension

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