WooCommerce Open External Product Links In A New Tab

WooCommerce Open External Product Links In A New Tab

The functionality to open WooCommerce external product / affiliate links in a new tab is not something that is currently possible from within the core WooCommerce plugin. This functionality is useful if you’re an affiliate marketer for example that requires the external product buy now button links to open in a new tab when clicked.

After and installing the WooCommerce External Product New Tab plugin all external product links on your WooCommerce site will then automatically open in a new tab. This includes external products on product categories, single product pages and also those added via the WooCommerce short-codes etc.

The plugin does not include any settings or similar to specify only certain external products to open on a new tab and instead sets all product links to open in a new tab.

Install WooCommerce External Product New Tab

  • Download the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory.
  • Goto WordPress > Appearance > Plugins > Add New.
  • Click Upload Plugin and Choose File, then select the plugin’s .zip file. Click Install Now.
  • Click Activate to use your new plugin right away.

If you would like to contribute to the plugin, provide feedback or alert me to any issues you can do so from the Github repo referenced below.

10 thoughts on “WooCommerce Open External Product Links In A New Tab

    1. Hey Lori,

      Looking at the screenshots it seems you theme that you are using is applying custom styling to the WooCommerce buttons but not inline with the standard WooCommerce button css classes.

      The plugin itself uses the standard WooCommerce css class of button, your theme developer may not have used this to style the buttons within their theme though and have potentially added their own css classes instead.

  1. Hi Stuart,

    First of all, thank you for this plug-in its works perfectly but i have a small problem:
    It works if i am on a single product page but not if i view a product in quickview (woocommerce products quick view), when i click on the link it opens in the same tab instead of opening a new one.
    Any suggentions/solutions?
    Thank you in advance!



      1. Hi Stuart,

        where you able to find out why it does not work?
        I looked at github but no information there so thats why i reply here as well.


        1. The reason it’s not opening in a new tab for you is due to the quick view plugin overriding the add to cart buttons with it’s own custom HTML code.

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